Unlocking main door and removal of latches

If you’ve found yourself being unable to open your gate even when the key works, the gate latch might be malfunctioning. In some cases, it might make sense in unlocking the main door and removal of latches,   instead of changing the locks.

Read on to understand why!

Unlocking main door and removal of latches to prevent safety issues

Unlocking main door and removal of door latches. Unlocking main door and removal of latches. Our customer was an elderly man, who was stuck inside his house. He had closed the door and gate as usual, but couldn’t open them afterwards. We first unlocked the door and gate, and checked them over. For  the door, we traced the problem to a malfunctioning thumb press latch.

After checking the gate, we also discovered that it was faulty, and also suggested removing the latch as an alternative to a lock replacement. This main gate lock type is costly to replace. Due to its poor quality and security, the HDB is also phasing it out. Keeping the lock in its current condition is risky for him, due to his advanced age. After explaining our concerns to him, he agreed to the procedure. We removed the latches for both the main gate by cutting it away, and for the main door by physically removing it.

In these cases, customers can also choose to just unlock and remove the latches, as a cost-effective solution.

Is it ok even if I don’t replace the locks?

The main door lockset is still usable by locking the door to keep it closed. For the main gate, it can be secured with a padlock. This is more durable, secure and cost-effective as an alternative method.

What other lock types can you assist with?

We can also replace main gate latches, and open main door locks without damaging them, if they are not spoilt. Additionally, we can also change doorknob latches if the round doorknob is still intact.

If it’s another issue like having a stuck key that can’t be removed, we can assist with that too!

I need your help! How do I contact you?

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This article was first published on 15 August 2018 and has been updated on 3 December 2023, to reflect new information that can help our customers in making informed decisions for their locks.

Unlocking main door and removal of latches
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Unlocking main door and removal of latches
Unlocking the main door, as the customer was stuck inside his house. Subsequently we also removed the door latches out of consideration for the customer's age and safety.
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Vincent Locksmith
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