Unlocking and changing cylinder lock

Unlocking and changing cylinder lock. The tenant did not possess the keys to her back door, which was a problem as it was an auto-locking door, with only a keyhole on the outside and no thumbturn or keyhole on the inside. This also happened to be her main door. We unlocked it first, which released the lock. Then we removed and replaced it with a new one. In panel 1, you can see the opened lock. Panels 2 and 3 give a clearer view of the new and old locks. In the last panel, the keys were tested to ensure that the lock had been installed properly, before handing them over to the tenant.

This is an example of a common residential project that we tackle at Vincent Locksmith. This post here documents a lock body replacement and faulty latch removal!

Click to watch the video of the entire process above!

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Unlocking and changing cylinder lock

Unlocking and changing cylinder lock
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Unlocking and changing cylinder lock
Unlocking and changing of a cylinder lock for the back door. The tenant did not have the keys, and this being an auto-locking door, was an inconvenience for her.
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Vincent Locksmith
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