Replacing main door handles

Replacing main door handles

Replacing main door handles. Despite repeated attempts at servicing the door handles, the handles continued to drop off. We found out that the spring inside had broken off. This was what had caused the handles to detach themselves. Unfortunately, we were not able to source a replacement for this vital part, so we suggested changing the handles instead.

Panel 1 shows the dismantled handleset. Panels 2 and 3 show the missing spring, and the last panel shows the newly replaced handleset.

Besides replacing main door handles, we can also change main gate latches and remove stuck keys from gate locks. If you’ve enjoyed reading our blog posts, do like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with our latest updates!

Replacing main door handles
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Replacing main door handles
Replacing main door handles. The handles continued to drop off, even with servicing. After onsite assessment, we found out that an important part of the handles had broken off. Additionally, this component could not be replaced. So we suggested that the handles be replaced instead.
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Vincent Locksmith
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