Replacing main door deadbolt lockset

If you’re looking to replace your main door deadbolt lockset, you’ve come to the correct page! We have prepared this article with the ardent hope of resolving your stickiest issues with the lockset.

Ok, so when do I need to change my main door deadbolt lockset?

Here are some of the most common problems that customers face with their main door locks:

1) I lost my keys, but I don’t mind replacing my main door deadbolt lockset!

Before and after pictures of the newly replaced Yale deadbolt lockset. This is silver in colour, and it stands out nicely against an ebony-coloured door. Nice.

Our customer from Jurong West recently lost their keys, and took this opportunity to replace to a new lockset. They were previously using Yale at their previous home, so they requested to stick with the same brand. We acquiesced to their request, installed it and tested the 3 new keys. Who can say no to a shiny new lockset?

2) My deadbolt lockset is spoilt – and I don’t like the colour. I want to change everything.

Front and back photos of the newly replaced black coloured deadbolt lockset, on a white HDB fire rated main door. The left panel shows the deadbolt lock, with 1 new key inserted in the keyhole and the remaining 2 keys hanging on the key ring), and the glossy black thumb press handle. The right panel shows the back of the lockset, with the deadbolt thumbturn and the round knob handle below it.

Faulty handle? No problem! The thumb press was broken, and this customer from Marine Parade took the opportunity to change everything, telling us that they wanted to treat themselves to a new colour too. After showing them several colours, they picked black as they felt that it went well with their door.

3) Help, please! My deadbolt lockset is faulty and I want to replace it.

Replacing main door deadbolt lockset

Our customer from Sengkang expressed their concerns with an increasingly non-responsive thumb press, which piqued our investigative interest. After a trip down, we discovered that the thumb press latch, unsurprisingly, was spoilt. The customer opted to change the whole lockset. 

We also found out that the current dimensions were wrong for the old lockset. This was what had caused the thumb press latch to spoil faster than expected. Some alterations had to be carried out to the existing holes. This was to ensure that the latch could fit properly, or otherwise – we joked –  “You will see us again, and spend more money.”

The last panel shows the newly replaced lockset, together with the new keys.

3) I have elderly parents, and they have difficulty opening the main door from inside. Help!

Front and back photos of the newly changed Posse deadbolt lockset with an inner lever handle, newly replaced on a purple coloured fire rated HDB door. The left panel shows how the front of the deadbolt lockset looks like, with its glossy bronze deadbolt lock on the top, and the usual thumb press handle below it. The right panel shows how the deadbolt lockset looks like from the inside. It has a deadbolt thumbturn, and a lever handle below it.

We hear you on this one. A customer from Toa Payoh opted to change their lockset entirely, as their mother was struggling with the inner round knob. After discussing with their mum and us, they eventually chose the deadbolt lockset that uses a lever handle from the inside.

From what we’ve seen, elderly folks usually have an easier time with this handle type. The door was also sagging, causing marks to appear on the flooring. This understandably added to our customer’s worries. We altered the door frame hole dimensions, making it easier for them to open and close the door.

After testing the handle, our customer’s mum was esctatic. “I don’t need to use so much strength now to open and close it!” she gushed to us. It was wonderful to see her joy.

To put all customers at ease, we check the newly replaced lockset, to ensure that it can function smoothly without any hiccups.

Ok, I want to proceed. How do I get in touch with you?

Easy. We can be contacted at 8812 7499 directly, or via our contact form. Do take note of our opening and closing hours, listed at the bottom of our main page! If you’ve reached us outside of our opening hours, we will reply on the next working day.

Well, what else do you do?

Besides replacing main door deadbolt lockset, we can also replace main gate locksets, room doorknobs, BTO door locks and letterbox locks for newly renovated HDB houses.

For more of our previous jobs, you can check out  the rest of our blog. And do like us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates about Vincent Locksmith!

This page was last updated on 12 November 2023, to reflect new information useful for customers in making informed decisions.

Replacing main door deadbolt lockset
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Replacing main door deadbolt lockset
Replacing main door deadbolt lockset for a customer, who found that the thumb press latch had spoilt. We also discovered that the existing dimensions were already incorrect for the current deadbolt lockset. Some alterations had to be done so that the new deadbolt lockset could fit properly, without spoiling quickly again.
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