Replacing doorknob with lever handle lock

1) Change of locks for a fresh look

Replacing doorknob with lever handle lock

For this case, we carried out replacing doorknob with lever handle lock in Ang Mo Kio. The owner wanted to change the locks, as she had just bought her home. After discussing with us, she finally opted to fit the room doors with these new lever handle locks. The top panel shows the old doorknob, also in the process of being dismantled. The bottom panel shows the back of the newly installed lever handle lock. This particular model operates with a key at the front, and with a small thumbturn at the back.

2) Change of lock due to misplacement of keys

In the top image panel marked ‘Before’, is an image of a doorknob with decorative, etched motifs. In the bottom image panel marked ‘After’ is an image of a newly replaced lever handle lock, with a key inserted into the keyhole. The other two keys are left dangling on a keyring that attaches all three keys together.

In another case, this round doorknob was changed to a lever handle lock at Bedok. Our customers were new homeowners who did not have the existing keys. The previous owners had changed this round doorknob recently, but had unfortunately lost the keys for it. We felt this was a pity. These previous locks were high quality locks which are difficult to find locally.

After replacing the lever handle lock, we returned the old lock back to the customer, hoping that they could be salvaged and reused once more.

3) Change of lock as previous owner gave wrong keys

An image of a silver-coloured lever handle lock with a rounded end installed on a dark brown door. A key is left inserted into the keyhole of the lock.

For this lever handle lock replaced at Tiong Bahru, the customer had shifted into a new unit, and the previous owner had given them the wrong keys. We used a similar lock design which matched their existing lever handle locks for the replacement, so that the new lock would not look out of place.

Besides lever handle locks, we also replace and change letterbox locks, main door locks and main gate locks for both HDB, condo and private residential units. Do contact us here, or directly via 8812 7499 for more information.

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This article was first published on 28 November 2018, and was updated on 17 November 2022 to reflect new information which our customers may find useful for making informed decisions on their lock replacement needs.

Replacing doorknob with lever handle lock
Article Name
Replacing doorknob with lever handle lock
The owner had just bought the flat and wanted to change the room doorknobs, After some discussion, the owner opted to replace them with these lever handle locks. The picture shows the locks before and after installation.
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Vincent Locksmith

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