Replacement using customer’s own lock

Replacement using customer's own lock

Replacement using customer’s own lock. Our customer had ordered a lock for her own room door, having lost the key for it. But she didn’t know how to change it, so she approached us to assist with the replacement, using her lock. The lock that she had bought was the same as the current one, which was a Schlage lock model.

Panel 1 shows the room door without the old lock. Panel 2 shows the replacement in process, and panels 3 and 4 show the front and back of the newly changed lock. If you’ve already bought your own lock, but don’t know how to change it, we provide this service too! Click here to drop us a message and a photo of your current lock!

Besides replacement using customer’s own lock, we can also replace toilet door locks, and fix back loose doorknobs. For more updates on our completed jobs, do follow and like our Facebook and YouTube pages!

Replacement using customer's own lock
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Replacement using customer's own lock
Our customer already had her own lock, but did not know how to change it herself. So we assisted her with the replacement of the lock, which was a Schlage doorknob.
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Vincent Locksmith
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