Replacement of toilet door lock

Replacement of toilet door lock
Replacement of toilet door lock. The customer requested to replace this toilet door lock, as she was having difficulties with it.

After removing the old lock, we then realized that the latch had broken off. Upon examination, the door latch was found to be rusty. We then explained to the customer that this was a common problem with locks constantly exposed to high humidity. Next, some alterations were carried out. This is so that the new lock can fit into the existing dimensions properly.

Panels 1 to 6 show the lock replacement process in full. Panel 1 shows the exposed dimensions after lock removal. Next, panels 2 and 3 show the newly replaced latch. Finally, different views of the newly replaced lock are displayed in panels 4 to 6.

After replacement, we gave the customer a useful tip on lock maintenance. Firstly, press the handle down, to make the latch retract. Next, spray some WD40 into the area of the retracted latch. Lastly, depress and let go of the handle a few times, to allow the WD40 to work its way into the latch. Doing this a few times per year will lubricate the lock without clogging it.

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Replacement of toilet door lock
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Replacement of toilet door lock
Replacement of toilet door lock, as the door latch had turned rusty. This is a common problem for toilet door locks in Singapore. We also shared a lock maintenance tip with the customer, so that she could keep her lock in working condition.
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Vincent Locksmith
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