Replacement of glass door lock

Have you just taken over a new unit, or urgently need to handover your unit to your new tenants and don’t have the keys? Or are you looking for other glass door lock types? You’ve come to the right place!

Vincent Locksmith offers both glass door lock replacement and glass door lock servicing, depending on the issue with your lock.

Common issues with glass door locks

From the loss of keys, to rusty locks and loosened locks, Vincent Locksmith has encountered various issues with the ubiquitous glass door locks – some of which thankfully don’t require replacement.

Let’s find out more about the different situations in which glass door lock replacement is needed, and when glass door lock servicing is adequate to address your problem!

1) Rusty lock components which cause the lock to spoil

Installation of glass door lock

In this case, our customer approached us in replacing the glass door lock for a shophouse. Upon inspection, the lock had turned rusty, which was seriously affecting its locking function. The rust had also caused the internal mechanisms to stop working. As a result, the whole lock had to be completely removed.

In Panel 1, the old glass door lock was completely removed. This was then replaced with a new glass door lock body and cylinder lock, as shown in Panel 2. The last panel shows how the newly installed glass door lock looks like.

2) Change in keys due to takeover of shop units

An image of a glass door lockset, with a newly replaced cylinder lock. A key is left inserted into the keyhole, with the other 2 keys dangling from the attached key ring.

We replaced a glass door cylinder lock for a customer in Ang Mo Kio. They needed a new set of keys for their shop, as they had just taken over the unit. Three new keys comes with the new lock. We also tested the old keys on the new lock, to ensure that they could not open the new lock. This is done for security reasons.

3) Loss of glass door lock keys

Unlocking and changing a glass door lock

We carried out the unlocking and changing of a glass door lock. This was also the same customer who requested to change the upper glass door lock (not shown in the video below), and re-key the roller shutter lock. 

The customer did not have the keys to this lock, and the door was locked. So we had to open it first, before replacing it with a new glass door lock. Click on the video below to see the entire unlocking and replacement process!

4) Replacement of top glass door lock

Changing glass door lock

We carried out the changing of a top glass door lock. Our customer did not have the keys, hence the request for replacement. Additionally, we also have customers who request to change to this lock type, as they have difficulties accessing the commonly installed bottom glass door lock.

We unlocked the original one and replaced it with this new glass door lock. For this lock type, ample space in between the glass panels is required for it to fit properly.

If you want to use this lock type, we recommend sending us photos so that we can ensure a good fit.

5) Slanted glass door lock requiring adjustment

Adjustment of glass door lock

We had to carry out the adjustment of the existing glass door lock.

Our customer approached us as they could not lock their glass door for some time. After inspection, we found that the lock was misaligned from the strike plate on the floor, which was preventing the bolt from engaging fully. So, we aligned the lock slightly to allow for the proper engagement. Afterwards, the customer could lock her glass door without any difficulty. We did not need to change the lock thankfully, as their glass door lock was still in good condition.

6) Loosened glass door lock, which was damaging the floor

Servicing glass door lock

We carried out the servicing of a glass door lock. The customer had informed us that the lock was damaging the floor.

After checking, we found that the lock had loosened and started to droop. This was causing it to drag on the floor and scratch it. We proceeded to tighten the lock back, ensuring that it was not drooping.

Click the video below to start watching the full process!

Glass door locks are commonly used to secure the entrances or exits of commercial units such as shops and offices, and can contain either a pre-installed lock or a slot for a separate cylinder lock.

7) Loosened glass door cylinder lock

In some cases, our customer report having difficulty locking their cylinder lock key parts, as they mention that the lock is loose. 

When we check over the lock, we discover that the cylinder lock screw has loosened. This causes the cylinder lock to slide in and out of the lockset.

In these cases, we can usually service the cylinder lock, provided that the glass door doesn’t need to be dismantled. 

8) Broken key inside the lock 

Removing broken key from glass door lock

Our customer broke the key while twisting it too hard, leaving half of it embedded in the keyhole.

After we arrived on site, she explained that she had difficulty turning the key. Luckily, she had a spare key lying around, so we advised removing the broken piece, instead of changing it.

We managed to remove the broken piece, and tried the spare key. It could not turn fully, so we dismantled the lock to investigate. We found out that the mechanisms inside the lock were dried up, and badly clogged with dirt. After we serviced the lock and put it back, the key could turn smoothly without issues.

Our customer was relieved that she didn’t need to spend extra and change the lock, as she had initially thought that it was spoilt.

Do you have a spare key? You also have the option of removing the broken piece, before resorting to changing the lock. 

For locks that are constantly exposed to the external environment, or exceptionally dusty and dirty areas, lock maintenance should be carried out twice a year with WD-40.  

In instances where the customer does not have a spare key, he can opt to change the lock.

I want to engage your service! How do I proceed?

Having a photo of your lock sent to us via WhatsApp at 88127499 will make this process easier! 

If you wish to change using your own locks, you can also contact us directly at 8812 7499, or use the contact form here. We are also on FacebookInstagram and Youtube!

Certain glass door types require the door to be dismantled before the lock is removed, which is why a photo will help us greatly as well. 

What other locks can you handle?

In addition to changing glass door locks, we also carry out replacement of toilet door locks, remove stuck keys from locks and change lock bodies.  

This article was first published on 19 March 2018, and has been updated on 19 March 2023 with new content that customers may find useful for making informed decisions for lock replacements.

Replacement of glass door lock
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Replacement of glass door lock
Replacement of a glass door lock. This article also covers issues such as loosened locksets, faulty locks requiring replacement and loosened cylinder locks which can still be serviced.
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