Removing stuck key from gate lock

Removing stuck key from gate lock

Removing stuck key from gate lock. The customer had pulled out the key prematurely, before it could turn back to the unlock position. This resulted in the key being stuck inside the lock.

We rotated the keyhole back to its original horizontal position. This is so that the key could be removed fully. The lock was also functional after the key removal. This was great news to her, as she didn’t need to spend more money on replacement. Before engaging us, another locksmith told her that this lock was already spoilt and needed to be changed.

We would like to inform all customers not to attempt removing the key by force, as this may cause the key to break inside the lock. This is an example of what can go wrong! We would also recommend getting opinions from other locksmiths, before proceeding to engage the service. Should you need a locksmith for removing stuck key from gate lock, we are contactable at 8812 7499, and on our contact page here. In addition, we also replace main door deadbolt locksets for HDB flats.

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Removing stuck key from gate lock
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Removing stuck key from gate lock
Removing stuck key from gate lock. We managed to salvage the key successfully, and the customer did not have to replace her lock, as it was still in working condition.
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Vincent Locksmith
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