Rekeying roller shutter locks

Rekeying roller shutter lock Rekeying roller shutter locks for a customer. This was required, as she was handing the shop unit back to the landlord. Firstly, the first panel shows how it looks like after I dismantle the lock. Next, the second panel shows the process where I modify the key. I do this, so that it can fit into the lock properly. Finally, the last panel shows how the pins fall into place, after I’ve inserted the key into the lock. Click on the video below to see how the tumbler pins engage with the key!

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Rekeying roller shutter locks
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Rekeying roller shutter locks
Rekeying roller shutter locks for a customer, who was handing back the shop unit to the landlord. This post describes the process of the rekeying procedure,
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Vincent Locksmith

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