Opening locked doorknob

Opening a locked doorknob

Opening a locked doorknob for a customer.  The customer had locked it by accident, and needed it to be unlocked. After we picked it open, she was still able to use her keys on the doorknob, and lock and unlock it without any issue. Click on the video to see how the lock was unlocked!

Broken paper clip inside doorknob keyhole

Additionally, we would like to advise our customers not to open their own doorknob with tools that are  not professional lockpicking tools. There are many YouTube tutorials that promise to get your door lock open with tools such as hairpins and paperclips. However, these tools are not designed to pick locks, and will get stuck or break off inside the lock if too much force is applied. You might end up wasting a perfectly good lock in this way!

A case in point: one of our customers had tried to pick the lock open with a paper clip, which ended up getting stuck in the keyhole of the lock. When he tried to remove it, the paper clip broke off and got lodged in between the pins of the lock. Our attempts to remove the broken piece and pick it open were futile. Furthermore, the doorknob was a very good quality lock, and we felt that it was a pity that it could no longer be used anymore.

Depending on the problem and cost, we are also able to change the doorknob latch, if this component is found to be spoilt. We can also change cylinder locks.

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This article was updated on 25th May 2021.

Opening locked doorknob
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Opening locked doorknob
Opening a locked doorknob with professional lockpicking tools. The customer did not have her keys with her, when she locked the door by accident.
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Vincent Locksmith
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