Opening door blocked by open drawer

Opening door blocked by open drawer
Opening door blocked by open drawer. We received a fascinating case recently. A customer asked us to open the door. Sounded simple enough, until we received the photos. In panels 2 and 3, taken with the customer’s scope, the drawer in the room had opened by itself, blocking the door and preventing access to the room. The customer had already tried several methods before our arrival, to no avail.

We managed to gain access to the drawer, through a gap, with a thick metal wire. After attempting to close the drawer with the wire, we realized that something was preventing us from doing so. It turned out that a headphone box was getting in the way, as it was bulging out and thus preventing the drawer from fully closing. We managed to displace it, and pushed the drawer again. This time, the drawer slid in smoothly, and the door opened. You can see how close the drawer is to the door frame in panel 4.

Lesson learnt: During your home renovation, make sure that there’s plenty of allowance between the door and the drawers in the rooms. Or you might find yourself in this frustrating situation. πŸ˜…

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Opening door blocked by open drawer
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Opening door blocked by open drawer
The customer couldn't get into his room, as his door was blocked by an open drawer. We managed to access his drawer with a thick metal wire. We realized that the drawer's closing was impeded by a bulging headphone box, which was eventually displaced. After that, we could open the door.
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