Changing the doorknob to lever handles

The process of changing the doorknob to lever handles.

Changing the doorknob to lever handles was the focus of this locksmithing job. What happened was this doorknob would constantly fall off when it was used. The screw thread of the doorknob cover had worn off, so it could not hold the doorknob in place anymore. This was largely due to factors like age, and wear and tear.

This lever handle model was chosen as it complimented the existing door’s design. The knob was then removed, as seen in panel 3, and panel 4 shows the newly installed lever handles and cylinder lock. However, these handles had slightly differing dimensions from the original doorknob, so we had to modify the edges of the handles with some small metal pieces. And – tada! Panel 5 shows the finished installation.

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Changing the doorknob to lever handles
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Changing the doorknob to lever handles
Changing the doorknob to lever handles, as the doorknob kept dropping off. The old doorknob was removed, and then replaced with a set of lever handles.
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Vincent Locksmith
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