Changing main gate latch

Help, my main gate latch has already snapped! I can’t open my gate.

Changing main gate latch

Changing main gate latch for a customer, who found that he couldn’t latch the gate. After arriving onsite, we found that the latch had spoilt, as the mechanism that operated the latch had snapped off. The internal rod could not retract as a result. So we proceeded to replace it.

Panels 1 and 2 show how the latch looked like before replacement, and panels 3 and 4 show the faulty part of the latch. Panel 5 is a comparison between the old latch and the new one, and the last panel shows the newly replaced gate latch.

The left panel shows the main gate aluminium latch before replacement, which is faulty. The panel on the right shows the newly replaced latch.

Our customer from Holland Avenue contacted us, as they couldn’t latch their gate. After inspecting the main gate latch, we discovered that the latch had broken.

We sourced for a suitable replacement, and replaced it promptly. Some alterations to the latch hole needed to be carried out, as the latch was difficult to operate. Once this was done, the latch could be used very smoothly.

We can also change main gate locksets and remove stuck keys from gate locks. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, we can also just remove the main gate and door latches.

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Changing main gate latch
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Changing main gate latch
Changing main gate latch for a customer, who could not latch his gate. We found out that the latch had spoilt. This could not be repaired, so we replaced it with a new latch.
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Vincent Locksmith
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