Changing HDB BTO room door lock

Changing HDB room door lock

In this first case, we were tasked with changing HDB BTO room door lock. When this unit was returned to the owner, the owner realized that the entire lock was completely missing, for unknown reasons. So we re-installed the full lockset, along with the side latch, as shown above. The last panel shows the completed installation, along with the 3 new keys provided.

Replacement of BTO room door lock

In this particular case, the latch of the old HDB BTO room door lock did not retract, when the handle was pressed down. This can be seen in panel 1. We also had a lot of difficulty while removing the lock. Upon investigation, the latch of this lock was found to have rusted badly. What had conspired was that the handles had also corroded, which caused them to become stuck. Luckily, we managed to replace the lock successfully. We advised the customer on how to maintain the lock with WD40. Owing to its anti-rust qualities, WD40 is excellent for lock maintenance.

This lock type is commonly used for room doors in new BTO flats in Singapore. Other examples of commonly used lock types include the round doorknob, lever handle and cylinder lock. Need someone to change your HDB door lock? Feel free to drop us a quote request or like our Facebook page for news and updates!

This blog post was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated in February 2020 to reflect new information.

Changing HDB BTO room door lock
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Changing HDB BTO room door lock
Changing a HDB BTO room door lock for a customer, who discovered that the lock was missing from the room door, after the unit was handed back.
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Vincent Locksmith
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