Changing gate lockset

Thinking about changing your main gate lockset because it’s tarnished badly, or just part of the lockset like the handles? You’re on the right page!

Ok, do I need to change my main gate lockset then?

Here are some of the following reasons why our customers haven chosen to change their main gate lockset.

1) Wear and tear

In the first panel on the left, the previous wrought iron gate lockset before replacement is shown. In the panel on the right, the newly replaced wrought iron gate lockset in silver is shown.

Our customer had just shifted into their home at Bedok, and decided to replace the lockset for aesthetic and security reasons. They wanted the lockset to compliment the gate, so we recommended getting silver. The second panel shows the newly changed gate lockset in silver colour. The lock body, not shown above, was also replaced.

2) Improper fit of the gate lockset, due to misalignment issues

Replacing gate lockset

In this second case at Tampines, our customer complained to us that the old lock constantly jammed. She couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Upon checking onsite, we discovered that the gate lockset was not aligned properly, which had caused the old lock to spoil and start jamming.

While changing the new gate lockset, we altered the lockset dimensions so that the new lockset could fit properly.

In the first panel on the left, the original lockset is shown, with a blue arrow pointing to the faulty bottom latch. In the second panel, the original lockset is shown to have split apart, with its internal components exposed. In the last panel on the right, the newly replaced Yale brand main gate number key lockset is shown.

In this third case at Little India, our customer had difficulty locking and unlocking the lock with her key. It was revealed that the bottom latch was stuck. While removing the lockset, it fell apart. We realised that the previous installer had forced the lockset into the existing dimensions, which had caused the lockset to spoil.

We altered the holes on the gate and installed the new gate lockset. Our customer remarked that the keys worked much more smoothly when she tried to lock and unlock the new lockset.

3) Loss of keys

An image showing the Yale brand number key lockset before, and after replacement. The keyhole is circled to indicate that the keys are missing.
Our customer from Bukit Timah approached us, hoping that we could open the front gate for them. They had shifted into a new apartment, and the previous owner did not give them the keys. The handles were also mysteriously missing. When we opened the gate, we realised that the lock was also faulty. Upon opening it, we saw that the latch had broken off and had lodged into the gate frame hole.

We removed the faulty lockset and broken latch, promptly replacing it with a new lockset and keys.

A photo showing a newly replaced bracket-style gate padlock anchored to a HDB wrought iron gate door, just above the original mortise cylinder lockset on the gate. The brand of the padlock is Newton.

Our customer at Sin Ming wanted to change their gate padlock lockset, due to key misplacement. This padlock type is more convenient, and provides another layer of security to the current gate lock setup.

When do I not need to change my gate lockset?

In some cases, the whole lockset does not need to be replaced, especially if you just require a new set of keys, or have a stuck key in the gate lock. If your handles are broken, you won’t need to change the whole set as well.

4) Broken handles

In some cases, the gate handles can break, especially if the gate is adjacent to a wall. When the gate swings out, the handles absorb most of the impact due to their protruding position.

If the other parts of the lockset like the lock body and cylinder lock are still working fine, we recommend just changing the handles. In that case, you can save money and also continue using your existing keys.

An image showing the main gate handles, before and after the replacement was done. The original handles broke on impact, after the gate swung towards the wall

In this case, our customer approached us to change their broken main hate handles. They enquired about changing the whole lockset, but we advised on just changing the handles if there were no existing issues with the other parts of the lockset. After replacement, we tested the handles, and got our customer to try them out as well.

An image showing the gate handles, before and after replacement. The handles had broken off where they narrowly taper to a point. The customer tried to use superglue and welding, but the methods did not work.

For this case at Marine Parade, our customer tried to glue, and even resorted to welding to join the broken handle back. These methods did not work, since it had broken off at a very narrow point. We replaced the handles, and preserved the other parts of the existing lockset.

Besides replacing gate locksets, we can also replace main door locksets and change main gate latches. Do contact us at 8812 7499, or through our contact page for your free quotation today!

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This post was updated on 22 May 2023 to reflect new information that customers may find useful, in making informed decisions about replacing their main gate locksets, lock bodies or handles.

Changing gate lockset
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Changing gate lockset
Changing gate lockset for a customer, as the original lock body had spoilt.
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