Changing gate lockset

Changing gate lockset

Changing gate lockset. As shown on the left, the original lockset is bronze and had a faulty lock body. The customer had just shifted into her home, and decided to replace the lockset for aesthetic and security reasons. She wanted the lockset to compliment the gate, so we suggested that she get the silver one instead. The one on the right is the newly changed gate lockset in silver colour. The lock body, not shown above, was also replaced.

Replacing gate lockset

In this second case, our customer complained to us that the old lock constantly jammed. She couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Upon checking onsite, we discovered that the gate lockset was not aligned properly, which had caused the old lock to spoil and start jamming.

We changed a new lockset, but altered it so that the new lockset could fit into the existing dimensions properly. The first panel shows the old lockset in its dismantled state. The second panel shows the replacement of the cylinder lock in progress, and the last panel the new lockset and the provided keys.

Besides replacing gate locksets, we can also fix back loosened door handles, and unlock letterbox locks. Do contact us at 8812 7499, or through our contact page for your free quotation today!

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Changing gate lockset
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Changing gate lockset
Changing gate lockset for a customer, as the original lock body had spoilt.
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Vincent Locksmith
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