Changing doorknob

Changing doorknob
Changing doorknob for a customer. Previously, a small child had been stuck inside the room, so they had resorted to breaking the lock, in order to get the door open. This explains the scratches around the doorknob area, as seen in the Before panel. So we quickly removed the spoilt latch, and replaced it with a new doorknob lock, as seen in the After panel.

Besides changing doorknob, we also replace HDB BTO locks, and lever handle locks for residential areas in Singapore. For updates, do like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. For more inquiries, do contact us directly at 8812 7499, or through our contact form here!

Changing doorknob
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Changing doorknob
Changing doorknob for a customer. The previous lock had been damaged, as a small child had managed to lock himself in the room.
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Vincent Locksmith
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