Changing doorknob latch

Changing doorknob latchChanging doorknob latch. As seen in panel 1, the original latch is spoilt. There is a visible crack on the surface of the latch. The doorknob was working fine, so we advised the customer to only change the latch In order to facilitate the replacement, the doorknob had to be removed. This can be seen in panel 3.

There is a difference in length in the old and new latches in panels 4 and 5. Therefore, extra care had to be taken to ensure a proper fit with the existing dimensions. After installing the latch, as seen in the last panel, we tested the doorknob again. This was to make sure that everything was working properly.

Pro tip: if the push button on your doorknob does not pop out when you turn it, this is a problem that can be fixed by yourself. See this post for more info!

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Changing doorknob latch
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Changing doorknob latch
Changing the doorknob latch, as the original one was spoilt.
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Vincent Locksmith
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