Adjustment of glass door lock

Adjustment of glass door lock

Adjustment of glass door lock. Before contacting us, the shop owner had not been able to lock it for some time.

After inspecting it, we found that the lock was misaligned from the strike plate on the floor, which was preventing the bolt from engaging fully.  In panel 1, you can see how the lock is slightly tilted to the right. This was what was causing my customer her pain. So, we aligned the lock slightly to allow for the proper engagement. Panel 2 shows part of the process of realignment and the last panel shows the realigned lock.

Afterwards, the customer could lock her glass door without any difficulty.

Here’s another one of our commercial projects, that involves the changing of a doorknob latch.

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Adjustment of glass door lock
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Adjustment of glass door lock
Adjustment of a glass door lock, which was misaligned and giving the customer problems when the glass door was locked.
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Vincent Locksmith
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